• Friday, July 15, 2022

I hope you all are having an excellent summer!

As new Aarthik Barsha (Economic Year) is getting started. In the web hosting industry this is the beginning of our "busy season" as people are returning from audit pressures, management pressures etc.

For us at Nest Nepal, We have many announcements:

Transformation to Cloud

We will start immediately extending our service options while maintaining even more competitive pricing, so this is a new era for us. We are specifically updating all of our Managed products to the Cloud and will soon provide even more Virtual Private Server package options at much cheaper prices.

As an additional layer of physical high availability, we are also deploying new Web hosting and reseller hosting servers. This indicates that every physical server comprising these divisions of our private cloud will be replicated exactly once in real time. Our target availability rate is 99.99999 percent, which is unheard of in the shared hosting sector. Although we've always taken pride in providing 99.9% uptime year over year, we're now going a step beyond.

.COM Price Increase


Due to the Increase in Dollar Prices, We're unable to provide the Renewals in the Same price as of Registrations. Additionally, Verisign, the.COM registrant, has disclosed a 7% price increase for all current and new domain names. They have been given permission to carry out this increment every year for the ensuing ten years.

While the Price Increase is something which we've always been against on, it is completely out of our control.

Because of this, We will have to unfortunately modify the Renewal Prices to Rs. 1350 a year.

Acquisition of a new hosting company.

Serving the Customers have been our biggest priority. Better support for the Nepali Hosting Industry have been a game changer for us. With a motive of bringing Nepali Businesses Online, We've acquired a new Hosting Company called : Bitmoro Web Hosting. 

We will be operating the following company differently & will not be merging with Nest Nepal.

Improved LVE Limit on New Servers


With the motive of providing the maximum possible limit on the hosting plan, Nest Nepal was started. Now for the new hosting plan you opt-in for, the LVE Limits are thus further improved.

Thank you all!


Without your steadfast support, suggestions, and continuous business, Nest Nepal would not be where it is now.

Thank you so much for choosing us to be your web hosting provider on behalf of my entire staff and I.

We put in daily effort to treat you as we would like to be treated. For the foreseeable future, we expect to continue gaining your trust day by day and look forward to establishing even greater connections.

I enjoy watching all of your websites, businesses, blogs, eCommerce stores, etc. develop. Good success to everyone of you!



Kushal Kafle, Founder & CEO Nestnepal.com